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21 January 2009

IBM and OpenOffice.org

I have been speaking to some of the guys working on getting Lotus Symphony launched and I must say I'm impressed. Just a little bit anyway. Symphony is still build on the old OpenOffice.org 1.1.3 but that is actually not the most important thing. The application has been enhanged dramatically and what you first find, is that extra pane to the right. The pane shows you tools that are relevant to what ever you are doing. Very much like the context sensitive right-click. The difference is, that the pane is there when you need it without having to call it.

Besides, Lotus Symphony can be extended with Eclipse plugins and soon you can write macros using Lotus Script. Lotus Script can be initiated from within Lotus Notes or from the Office application. And with access to the UNO api from Lotus Script, you can really get a long way.

Lotus Symphony can be used in composite applications and with that method, you can join data fra Lotus Notes, web pages etc. and wotk with data e.g. in a spreadsheet.

Some time ago, my advise to Lotus Notes customer was to use OpenOffice.org 3.0 for naw but wait and see about Lotus Symphony. I must say that this advise might fall soon. Lotus Notes user: Try Symphony. Its really a cool suite and you can taka advantage of some of the stuff right now, even if you are not on the brand new Lotus Notes 8.5. Lotus Symphony can be extended to wotk with data from older versions of Notes too.

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