Lodahl's blog: [Update]Tønder Municipality behind Free IT Software for all Schoolchildren

16 December 2008

[Update]Tønder Municipality behind Free IT Software for all Schoolchildren

12 December 2008


Tønder Municipality behind Free IT Software for all Schoolchildren

In cooperation with the National Software Knowledge Centre under the National IT and Telecom Agency, USB sticks with free Open Source programs will be distributed to all schoolchildren on Wednesday.


Tønder Taking the Lead

Morten Kristoffer Hansen, Head of Section in the Knowledge Centre, is very pleased with the initiative taken by Tønder Municipality, and he hopes that this may be an eye-opener for other municipalities in Denmark in relation to the use of Open Source.

- We were contacted by the people in Tønder, and did not doubt for a moment that this project was a good one. We entered into it as a pilot project - not least because Tønder Municipality cherishes the principle that Open Source is to be used - "if it is good enough", and it is definitely "good enough" in this case. So the strategy in this southern part of Jutland is clear: Tønder will be a municipality that takes the lead and shows the way to others. The strategy of Tønder is also quite in line with "Open Source Software in the Public Sector", a recent publication from the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, which calls for Open Source to be used "where value is generated".

In addition, the project of distributing USB sticks can only be realised in view of one of the basic rights of Open Source, namely that programs are allowed to be redistributed to others. In this way, we do our share in focusing on the potential of Open Source software, emphasising that it works and is free.

It is quite exciting - and the fact that we can also help in giving all schoolchildren in Tønder Municipality a Christmas present is even more satisfactory, says Morten Kristoffer Hansen.

Danish article on Business.dk (translated into English): http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.business.dk%2Farticle%2F20081218%2Ftechmobil%2F81218092%2F&sl=da&tl=en
(Please note that 'Barrel' is the English word for the city name 'Tønder'.)

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