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08 December 2008

Extension: Sun Weblog Publisher

Extension: Sun Weblog publisher

This post is a actually writen in OpenOffice.org Writer and published directly on the blog. I'm using the Sun Weblog publisher.

After installing the extension you must first register your blog account information. You can do that from the extension manager or you can find do it from Tools – Settings – Internet – Weblog.

When you have writen our blogpost in writer, just select Files – Send – To Weblog.

As you can see on the screen dump above, the extension has some problems with localized strings. In this screen its mostly Swedish, but mixed with English. In other screens its a mix of Danish, English and Spanish.

When I post the entry to www.blogger.com I get an error 8in Swedish again) telling me, that the browser couldn't be found.Actually I had to edit the post manually, because the image didn't upload correctly and I couldn't add tags to the post.

It should be possible to load a list of recent posts (and edit them?). I can't make that work. The list is always empty.

Sun Weblog Publisher



Klara Himmel said...

Hi Leif,

I´m not able to connect sun weblog publisher into open/star office.
Extension is installed, but my entrys are obviously incorrect (wordpress installation).
Do you know something about a common mistake, my mistake?

Thanks a lot

Klara Himmel said...

Hello again Leif,

quite simply answer. Xmlrpc activation - that´s all. I´m very ashamed of my slow-going mind.