Lodahl's blog: Here are the minutes of the tomorrows meeting

05 March 2008

Here are the minutes of the tomorrows meeting

Yes thats how it works in my country. I wonder when we will see the agenda ? After the meeting, perhaps !

The meeting is at Danish Standards (S-142/U-34 Document standards) on Marts 26th. and the information is in this press release: http://www.ds.dk/4196 . The press release was published by Pia Elleby Lange, lead of the Danish delegation in Geneva.

All Danish comments has been approved.
Thats what she says. Even that not all Danish comments was even discussed at the meeting.
The committee will meet on Marts 26th. where the result of the delegation will be presented to the committee.
Didn't she just do that when she claimed that all comments was approved ?
The scope of the meeting is to discuss the next step...
and then:
The next step is to ...
Is this putting words into the mouths of the members or what ?
What is the purpose of having a meeting when the chairman has already made all the decisions ?

I call it another scandal in the ISO process.

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