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27 July 2007

Dear diary...

I have been on vacation for about two weeks now. One of my most interesting experiences has been not to be connected (to the Internet) for more than a week.

We are living in a small cottage on the west coast of Denmark, in the middle of no where and with my (disconnected) laptop.

What do I do ?

Well, I've been working on a piece in Danish about OpenOffice.org extensions. I printed a few articles and the complete Wiki before I left home. I hope it will be a good article, because we need to drag attention to this matter in Denmark. I don't think there is anybody (except from me) that has ever made an extension yet. I'm just writing to Paolo Mantovani about a bug in the BasicAddonBuilder.

I also prepared my speak at Barcelona. It's good to get away from everything. It makes you think better and it clears the mind. I'm looking forward to meet all the people at OOoConf. The guys and dolls that I have only met on email so far.

I'm playing with the kids (well, they are actually not kids anymore). We took s small drive to Lübeck, Germany this week. Nice, but rainy. Why does it always rain when I'm on vacation ?

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