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29 September 2014

Silent installation on Windows (again)

One of many advantages of open source projects is for sure the eternal transition and evolutionary progress. This keeps people like my self busy just following the changes.

Last week I was asked to help a large organization prepare their LibreOffice install package for Windows and I thought “Cool – that gonna take about half an hour”. -Wrong!

The Windows installation parameters has been changed and as always it takes quite some time to find the documentation. You can find some documentation here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Deployment_and_Migration But have ind mind that parameters has changed over time so you can't trust all of it.

The idea of installing all modules ( ADDLOCAL=ALL) and the remove individual modules ( REMOVE=gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Fr, ….) is still valid. But choosing language for the GUI is a little easier than before (UI_LANGS=en_US,da). Earlier you had to add all the language codes to the string and then choose your choice for each (… IS1030=1 IS1031=0 …).

Below is an example that installs LibreOffice in Danish and US English with some but not all dictionaries:

msiexec /qn /i C:\[path_to_install]\LibreOffice_4.3.2.2_Win_x86.msi /l* C:\[path_to_logs]\libreoffice_install_log.txt UI_LANGS=en_US,da CREATEDESKTOPLINK=1 ALLUSERS=1 RebootYesNo=No ADDLOCAL=ALL ISCHECKFORPRODUCTUPDATES=0 QUICKSTART=0 REMOVE=gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Fr,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Es,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Sr,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Pt_Br,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_It,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Af,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_An,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ar,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Be,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Bg,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Bn,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Br,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Bs,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Pt_Pt,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ca,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Cs,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_De,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Nl,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Et,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Gd,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Gl,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Gu,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_He,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Hi,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Hu,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ru,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Lt,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Lv,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ne,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_No,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Is,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Oc,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Pl,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ro,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Si,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Lo,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Sk,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Sl,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_El,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Hr,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Sv,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Te,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Th,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Uk,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Vi,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Zu

Some other things that has been improved dramatically is the new way of handling settings. In earlier versions settings could be manipulated by installing an extension with some XML-files. Nice but not perfect as you had to distribute files to each and every computer. 

From LibreOffice 4.2 its possible to change settings through the Windows Registry and this can be managed through one or more Group Policies in the Active Directory or similar adminsitration system.

I needed to make two small changes:
  1. Set “Warn alien format” to “false” and lock the setting.
  2. Set “Macro security level” to “High” and lock the settings
All I needed to do was to create two new keys in the Windows Registry and push this through a new Group Policy to the machines:



I must say this is a much easier approach than the extension method and it makes the whole setup much more flexible since we don't need to handle extensions on each computer anymore.

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