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08 June 2010

A police report

Last Friday the Minister of Justice revealed a report regarding the Danish police's finances. The background is that the police in Denmark has been spending much more money over the last many years, than they where allowed to in the budget.

The report is analyzing many parts of the police, e.g., a very week HR division and so on and so forth.

Of cause there is a chapter regarding software. Unqualified project management and lack of structured software purchase are two major issues. A solution to save money in the coming year are described in a chapter called 'Use of cheaper software' and the official report from the Government describes how upgrading to MS Office 2010 can be postponed for three or four years.

Thats all!

What is about to become a major scandal in the Parliament is that the same chapter in the original report from McKinsey & Company is a clear and undiscussable recommendation of open source software in general and OpenOffice.org in particular. The title of the that chapter is 'Use of cheaper software' suddenly makes sense.

The opposition parties are now asking the Minister, why there crystal clear recommendations of F/OSS and OpenOffice.org has been erased from the official version.

Are the police not willing to participate in cost reduction?

The official report (in Danish): http://www.justitsministeriet.dk/fileadmin/downloads/Pressemeddelelser2010/Et%20professionelt%20og%20veldrevet%20dansk%20politi.pdf

The original report (in Danish): http://www.justitsministeriet.dk/fileadmin/downloads/Pressemeddelelser2010/Budgetanalyse%20af%20politiet%202009-2010%20McKinsey%20&%20Company.pdf


miguelino said...

Not surprised, but shaken!

Michael said...

Neither surprises me, nor shocks me any more..

The same governement spent 6 years stalling the implementation of a policy that the governement shall only use open standards for interchange file formats.

They only approved it after a certain major player forced their standard through.