Lodahl's blog: Norway: ODF is in - OOXML is out

03 July 2009

Norway: ODF is in - OOXML is out

The Norwegian government has made a clear statement in a new catalog covering data standards of various purposes.

Public enterprises should not use other file formats than ODF (version 1.1) and PDF as attachment at the exchange of documents by email. This rule will apply from 1. January 2011.
The Danish government is still working on a similar decision. A report from the Danish competition authority has been delayed. Unfortunately I fear that the Danish government will make a non-decision as usually like: "Each authority may decide for them selves". This will end up in a chaos with at least four different document formats (OOXML, ODF, legacy .doc files and PDF).

Source: Digi.no http://www.digi.no/817635/her-er-statens-nye-it-standarder

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Anonymous said...

There's something about the Nordic climate that seems to lead to good sense. Widespread adoption of bicycle routes, pleasant socialism, and now, an adoption of open standards. Except, of course, in my native Canada. I worked for the government for five years, and tried my best to get them to adopt OpenOffice. It has to be a sign of insanity that they chose something expensive over something free.