Lodahl's blog: Municipal of Aarhus post a complaint to DS

15 May 2008

Municipal of Aarhus post a complaint to DS

The city of Aarhus has posted an official complaint to Danish Standards regarding the result of the Danish YES-vote.

The complaint is regarding the fact that *all* non-profit votes in Denmark asked for a NO. Only commercial pro-Microsoft participants voted YES.

http://www.computerworld.dk/art/45835 English: http://translate.google.dk/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.computerworld.dk%2Fart%2F45835&hl=da&ie=UTF8&sl=da&tl=en

I doubt that this complaint can change anything, but it's nice to see some response from the TC-members. They all excuse them selves with: "We all agreed not to discuss the process in public".


Anonymous said...

In the UK the UK Unix Users Group (UKUUG) is seeking Judicial Review of the BSI decision to reverse its September "object" to "approve". (This is a process whereby the legal system can scrutinise an administrative decision taken by or on behalf of government).

If the decision can be shown to have been badly formed then it will be "quashed" (and so cease to exist). Even though BSI could then retake that decision and come to the same conclusion, owing to the times scales of the ISO voting process the only BSI decision to count will be the September "object".

If there were similar circumstances and procedures in Denmark then suddenly there's a ball rolling, but someone would have to move fast and spend money on a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see it is being brought out into the open,not continuing to be kept out of site, the maneuverings that took place to get it approved. Thank you city of Aarhus for setting an example.

Anonymous said...

25 years ago, we had the example of the unimplemented OSI standardised.
In the long run, TCP, which had been
and continued to be technically superior, was the standard that won the race.

Stupid actions continue to mar the activities of TC 1, generally strongly supported by one or two commercial entities.

Luckily, most of ISO doesn't
work this way.

Peter H. Salus