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10 April 2007

Easter eggs ...

Most users of OpenOffice.org know about a special function in Calc, =Game. The idea is to activate a small game =Game("StarWars"). No news so far.

I thought that I wanted to try this in Lotus Notes 8 (IBM Productivity tools). According to IBM this is not a distribution of OpenOffice.org but a separate application build on OpenOffice.org. Whats the difference ?

Well, I don't know. Anyway it didn't work. No game in Lotus Notes.

But then I thought of something that happened to me once I tried to activate the game in OpenOffice.org but forgot the parameter =game(). OpenOffice.org answered say what ? I tried to do this in Lotus Notes 8. Success !

In my country this is the prove that IBM Productivity tools is a distribution of OpenOffice.org. The easter eggs is the same.

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