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05 March 2007

I'll put a mark in my diary today

Today I can put a mark in my calendar. It has been a good day.

Why today in particular ?

Because: now I can sync that mark with Google Calendar. Thats why !

Thanks to Dmitri Popov and his article on Linux.com, Syncing magic with GCALDaemon

This has for a long time been a problem to lots of people around the world. And I have tried to find a solution to this problem for more than a year now. And who else than Dmitri could do this ? I have seen a lot of good and inspiring articles from Dmitri over the years. Always very accurate but at the same time not too technical. Keep it up, Dmitri.

Today it took about 30 minutes from I first found the article untill I was able to sync my Lightning calendar with Google Calendar. Tomorrow I will use another 30 minutes or so and sync my local address book too.

I'm looking forward to the next article from Dmitri Popov.

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