Lodahl's blog: Easy use of OpenClipart.org

16 October 2006

Easy use of OpenClipart.org

I'm often using cliparts from OpenClipart.org in my Writer documents. I don't want to download the whole package from the site; and for several reasons:

  • It takes up a lot of space on my harddisk and most of it i'll never use anyway
  • New cliparts is added every day

When I need to use a clipart I'll find it on the site directly. Usually I find it by browsing the archives.
When I'we found the clipart that I'll like to use in my document, I open it with the browser. Then I can copy the URL-address to the clipboard.
In Writer; I can insert an object (Insert > OLE-object > From file) and paste the URL into the field and hit Enter

1 comment:

PEMA said...

Thx 4 your hint,

but this does not work for openOffice 3.0, as far as I tried here.

Any other idea?