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17 August 2006

How did I get into working with OpenOffice.org and open source ?

Well, it was about tree years ago, I was looking for a way to create pdf's. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on Adobe Writer, so I started surfing on the internet. Along with several other small applications like CutePDF and PDFCreator I ended up with OpenOffice.org installed on my computer. The program it self (1.1.1) was allright, but the manual was like something babelfish had thrown up. I'm Danish by the way.

I joined the mailinglist and after some time I began to translate. Funny, because I could se the progress up the versions. By translating the help files I actually learned a lot.

Later on I started to use the advanced features and found that all I needed was there. Fantastic. I didn't had to pay MS for the application and I had found the alternative. I am one of us that still remember the best wordprocessor in the world: Wordperfect 5.1.

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