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12 October 2009

More Danish municipalities under way

Just to let you know, we are experiencing a very important breakthrough in the municipalities right now.

City of Gribskov has been using OpenOffice for a few years.

City of Tønder has been using OpenOffice in schools for about a year.

City of Lyngby-Taarbæk has decided to use OpenOffice in schools. According to the local newspaper this is only the first step towards a compete change from MS to OpenOffice in the administration as well. A few translated articles on my earlier post here: http://lodahl.blogspot.com/2009/10/mayor-says-it-is-fully-comparable-with.html. Even the Mayor is happy ;-)

Another city close to Copenhagen is about to implement a new version of a Case- and Document Handling System, that integrates OpenOffice into it. From then, more than 90% of new documents will be produced with OpenOffice. Expected to be implemented beginning of November this year. (I will talk
about this case at OOoCon this year).

Besides this, I expect that at least a few more cities will follow this trend in the very near future.

Microsoft reactions:
Microsoft is cutting down the price for Office. Poor guys. The only reaction they can think of at the moment is telling FUD and lies about OpenOffice.org - about how OpenOffice is so old fashioned and
lacks functionality. We are trying to revert the discussion back against MS claiming that what they call old fashion is what people call a good and robust UI.

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trolden said...

Hej Leif,
Jeg ved ikke hvad der er sket videre med den sag. Og hvor langt de er kommet.


De kunne jo tænkes at de brugte OO i den testklasse som skal køre Linux.

Jeg ved godt at det ikke er så interessant vedr. DK, men jeg bor i Sverige og der sker også lidt herovre.
Her er 2 kommuner som skifter til Linux og bl.a. OO


Erik Trolle