Lodahl's blog: One year evaluation

25 June 2007

One year evaluation

For one year, beginning on January 1st. 2008, we will see both ODF and EOOXML as format for document exchange in the public sector. All software purchased must support at least one of the formats. Furthermore, all public offices must be capable of opening or reading documents of both formats.

There is no doubt that ODF is here to stay, but Microsoft must prove openness and willingness to other platforms and applications. The Members of the Parliament are very well aware, that Microsoft has an advantage, because of a existing marked share around 98%. If Microsoft can't prove that EOOXML can be implemented by other vendors and on other platforms, they will be dismissed.

The Danish Competition Authority has been asked to follow the competitive situation closely in the evaluation period.


J Yagnik said...

Dear Dr. Leif Lodahl
I humbly request you to put your Master thesis on OpenOffice.org Vs Microsoft in English, if possible. I am working on similar lines and hence your work will help me.

Leif Lodahl said...

@Jignasu: Hi,
I'm not sure that I understand your request completely. A Master thesis on OpenOffice.org Vs Microsoft is quite a piece. What particular aspects are you looking for?
Technical, competitive or ...